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My Services

I offer a variety of services with the aim to encompass all of my client's needs.

Nail Care

Including toenail cutting, thickened nails, fungal nails, and ingrown toenails.

Nails come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and at Foot Care with Molly, I understand how nail conditions can impact a client's confidence.

Image by Juja Han

Skin Care

Including athlete's foot, dry skin, cracked heels, callouses and corns.

Your skin can become susceptible to fungal infiltration, dryness, corns and callouses if cared for incorrectly. I provide my client's with a wealth of advice and care to ensure their feet are feeling supple, soft and smooth.

Cracked Earth

Specialist Diabetes Care

Including diabetes foot health assessments (and reports to your GP), general diabetes foot care and advice, and support in managing this condition.

A new diagnosis of diabetes can be nerving, but rest assured that when monitored well, can be manageable. At Foot Care with Molly, I understand the worries about foot health when diagnosed with diabetes and support my client's foot care, and build their confidence to manage their foot health.
Aside from diabetes general foot care, I also offer my clients a foot health assessment. Where I take time to explain what tests we do and why, what your results show, and advice and care tips moving forward. A report is sent to your Doctor with our results.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Surgical Treatments

Including ingrown toenails, thickened nails, and fungal nails.

Some nail conditions, such as ingrown toenails and thickening nails can become recurrent and result in the need for regular treatment. However, there is a solution! At Foot Care with Molly, I offer minor surgical options for ingrown toenails, thickened nails, and also fungal nail treatments. 
To explore these treatments more, and whether they might be the next step for you - let's chat more through a virtual consultation!

Surgery Materials


Including chilblain care, verrucae do's and don'ts, athelete's foot treatments, general foot care, and plantar fasciitis treatments.

Sometimes, we just need to speak to a professional for a short piece of advice, but not needing a whole appointment! At Foot Care with Molly, I provide a virtual consultation appointment to cover these needs. 
Virtual consultations are 30 minutes long and can be via phone call or video call.

Lifestyle counseling
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